The World at Large

The world has grown into a very diverse planet where people are concerned. Confusion is everywhere. If we only knew how to  educate ourselves so as not to be confused about anything. Now that would be an accomplishment! However, that is not the case and the result is mass hysteria. People react so differently to the situations they encounter and what they understand the news to be saying about what goes on in the world.

When my head spins watching all this hysteria I like to take to the skies in a small little airplane and view it all from above without any people distractions. It is truly peaceful and beautiful at the same time. Aerial photography reveals a completely different view of life. Nowhere do you see any hysteria caused by this onslaught of confusion among uninformed people of the world. Back down on earth it requires a great deal of discernment to weed out confusion running rampant.

Just observe a presidential race from beginning to end and watch all the different opinions and deceptive rhetoric run rampant. Most people are not able to discern very well the news that is blasted over the airwaves. Since much of  the news is not accurate or complete or even balanced with unbiased reporting, average people form an instant opinion based on misinformation coupled with their own biases causing great confusion and misinterpretations of the truth.

At the same time, lies are being perpetrated clouding many minds that are quick to form erroneous opinions thus tainting their ability to understand the situation correctly. This causes mass confusion which leads to mass hysteria along with heated tempers. All this paves the way for divisions among the people and now the world becomes separated into the many halls of hysteria.

Media Hysteria

Ever notice how the mainstream media goes nuts when they deal with conservatives? Just look at the last debate when CNBC executed such a biased debate for the conservative candidates by asking such unfair questions. The inability of the mainstream media to be fair and balanced is testimony to how hysterical they have become. They find it necessary to trip up, demean, and ridicule the opposition in an unfair manner as an attempt to gain an advantage over them.

Because liberals are so outclassed in the realm of integrity, it seems their only defense is to resort to character assasination to get the upper hand. So this is what the media does to accomplish their goals. It is uncanny just how much power they have to influence public opinion. But to see the conservative candidates fire right back with sound rebuttals based on truthful informative facts and common sense is very satisfying. Now, using the media’s very own platform, sound, truthful information is getting out to the public.

The hysteria of deceptive information that the mainstream media is dishing out is finally coming back at them and revealing who they really are. But I believe that this is going to create even more hysteria among the general public as it ramps up varied opinions that will excite and agitate the people. Hysteria that agitates can be a good thing if it is handled properly. Many people have their heads in the sand when it comes to being properly informed. So if a little hysteria agitates them to wake up and pay attention, then this will be good.

The more people who become properly informed with unbiased information, the better everything will turn out. Simply stated, linking up with the unbiased truth that comes forth from sound reasoning, will give you the advantage. Understanding that there is a God who oversees truth and sets its boundaries, will give you a clear mind, and the ability to reason carefully as you sift through all the hysteria that permeates this world’s culture.