You might think that hysteria is an out-of-control state of confusion that can lead to horrible or even ridiculously funny things. If you think this is what we mean by hysteria, then you are right on track. And what halls are we talking about that contain these out-of-control states of confusion? Why, the big bad world at large is to blame. Everywhere you turn you run into one. If this world had it all together these halls of hysteria would be non existent and the whole world would be unified, glorious, and in complete control.

So here we are trying to make some sense of it all by exposing this state of mind for what it really is and just maybe we can make the world a better place. Now instilling a little piece of mind into someone that is all caught up in the hysteria of this world is not an easy task. But that is what we will try to do in these inspiring blogs of clear thinking. Using logic, common sense, and even a little spiritual inspiration is what we will try to use to turn these halls of hysteria into a place of open serenity and even a little humor.